How to find your future wife or husband?


In this video, I speak about how to find your future wife or husband. I will give you a very powerful advice to help you!


Hi this Aurore Mourette and today I’m going to speak about how to find your future wife or husband. I will give you a very powerful advice to help you!

Why this video? All begins, with some of my male followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ who wrote to me to see if I was single and maybe interested in them, and starting their message with “I looking for a wife…”, “I’m desperate…”… “I’m divorced… and I’m looking for love…”

First, I was surprise and uncomfortable… because, it wasn’t just some boy trying to have sex with someone or to have a visa from a marriage. You know what I mean, all women on internet, have already experienced this kind of situation.

But here, it was more like a bottle launched into the sea because they are desperate not to find a new wife after the loss of spouse, through death or divorce.

And so, today, I would like to dedicate my video to them!

Ok, we are going to start with a very simple advice first: never say to a woman: “I’m desperate!” or “I’m looking for a woman, a wife! …”.

It’s forbidden!! Never, never say that! Change your technique. With this introduction, you will only find a desperate woman. And I don’t think it’s what you want!!

More seriously, my advice is about being detached and finding happiness by yourself first! I know it can be weird to say that, but it’s true! It’s the most powerful advice, I can give you!!

Ok, what means being detached?

Being detached it’s about finding happiness first in yourself, without anyone, without girlfriend or wife!

I know, for most of people, finding a new person aims at finding happiness!

But, if you want to find someone new in your life, you have to become first an attractive man or wife! And for that, you must be detached!

Why do you think people in a couple are more attractive? Because, they’re not looking for.

You have to find in yourself, first, your own happiness! Human suffering is due to attachment and the fragile human construction of permanent selves within and without a radically impermanent world.

I know, it can be difficult to understand, but to sum up. Life is short and each day, we are changing and the world around us, is also changing! We can’t stop this movement! We have to accept it. Finding happiness in ourselves, is to accept to live only the now. Your past is history and your future is only hypothetical. Don’t stress about it!

The events are not good or bad, there are only events! You don’t know in advance the consequences of these events!

Live the present. Your life is so precious. Do what you love to do, live your passion! Accomplish your mission on this Earth! Just be yourself! By living in the present and your passions, you’ll become an attractive person to other people, because you will develop a very strong positive energy. In accordance with the law of attraction, you will attract happy people like you. And among them, perhaps you will find your future spouse! Your relationship will be balanced, because each of you, will find happiness in themselves! Your relationship will be based on the happiness of each of you and you will not be depended on the other. I know, my speech can be difficult to understand for many people. We often think it’s another person who will bring us happiness! Maybe… for a while… you’ll have the illusion of being happy, but this dependence, it’s not good for your relationship, and it will not last. First, you have to find in yourself, who you are, living the present, being authentic! Don’t live a lie!!

Don’t be sad and don’t look for a spouse to find happiness! It doesn’t work that way! First, you need to work on yourself and by knowing who you are, by living your passion, by being detached, you will become a very attractive person. You don’t need to look for, when the right person will appear, you will know it and you will seize this opportunity.. to build with this person, a future together… But first… find happiness in yourself! It’s the secret!! Don’t be dependent of another person to find happiness! It will be only an illusion!

If you need someone to be happy, your marriage will not last long! There will always be an imbalance in your relationship!

Finally, take care of your health and of your hygiene. Respect your body which is the vessel of your being!! Respect it!!

If you follow my advice, your life will improve!! Believe me!

Let me a comment or send me a private message to speak about your situation and its development!

Good luck!

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