Menstrual Cup

It seems to be a very strange thing… And very difficult to use. I remembered 2 years ago, it seems too exotic to me…

But with time and advice from friends, I tried it…Since 3 months now, I’m using it and I’m pretty satisfied… It’s very simple!

Personally, I choose the model « Mooncup » from Boots. They offer 2 sizes:
Size A: recommended for all women aged 30 or above, even if they haven’t given birth, and all women who have given birth vaginally.
Size B: recommended for all women under 30 years old who have not given birth or who have had a caesarian section
See the website:

I’m very satisfied with it. In Silicone, I don’t have allergies or reaction.

In Ireland, it was not easy to find it because when I went to pharmacy, they didn’t know what I was talking about.

Finally, I found a pharmacy from the brand « Boots »!! 2 hours to find it!! But I was happy to take the first step.

After that, before using it, I had to think to clean it and sterilize it… And here, another problem.. because I knew I had to find a way to clean it without nocive product.

Before the first use, you need to clean it and sterilise it:
The simplest way: boil it and immerse it in water for 5 to 7 minutes (in a pan that you use just for this purpose) without touching the edges and the bottom of the saucepan to not damage it. 
Other sterilising solution (no tablets). These are commonly used to sterilise baby equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for dilution and soak for the minimum recommended time. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Your first use of the menstrual cup:
1. Watch your hands
2. Take the moon cup
3. Put your moon cup in your vagina… Below, some positions I use most of the time. 

My 2 favourite positions are:

1st method (my first one): we crush the cup on itself and fold it in 2


2nd method « Punchdown » (my favorite, after 2 months): we press with a finger on a side of the cup, that put it in a tulip-like manner


In a practical way, I recommend you to put it in the morning and wash it the night after your work or before sleeping. But if you have heavy periods, don’t hesitate to take it off during the day…

You have to listen your body and you will learn when and how often you need to take it off.. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated.

The position to take it off:
The cup generates a kind of suction cup effect, once sets up (you will feel this sensation, only during the insertion and the removal). 

So to facilitate the remove of the cup:
First: stand up, put one of your legs on something such as your bathtub, window, what you want, the matter is one of your legs allows you to have an angle of more or less 90° with the other one. 
Second: relax you, breath deeply…
Third: contract your pelvic muscles to push out the cup (perineum, abs, like to poop).
Fourth: you can start to draw the rod of your cup out of your vagina, from side to side, don’t hurt you… Go slowly… Once you can touch the bottom of the cup, clamp it to cancel the suction cup effect. 

Nota bene: Some women, don’t like the rod in their vagina because it can be irritating. What you can do, it’s to cut a little piece with a knife to reduce the length. 


To wash it in your sink:
– wash your hands before
– use cold water (always, unless you like the colour of blood on your new menstrual cup)
– use a toothbrush
– use a black soap / Marseilles soap / Alep soap
And after cleaning, put it on. 

After your cycle, you need to sterilise it. Different ways:
– hot water in a saucepan without touching the edges and the bottom,
– use equipment for baby (with hot water).
Or you have chemical solutions, but I don’t recommend it… for your health and for the environment.

And let it in the pouch and protect it from moisture.


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