Live Healthy & Spiritually in Brussels

To Find Happiness…

Harmonie Interieure
Ludovic Boucart, Urban Shaman, Geobiologist, Personal Development
Silver Square, Avenue Louise 523, 1050 Brussels
Phone number : +32 487 422 442
Facebook page : @ilsvecurentheureux 

Possible coaching with Skype and it works! I heard some stories and the results are astonishing! Myself, the results are just unbelievable! He speaks English and French.

To Buy Very Good Honey

La Maison du Miel
Rue du Midi 121, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone number :+32 2 512 32 50
Very good products and the owner is very helpful when you have to choose between different types of honey. I was very well received and I will continue to go there !

Holland and Barrett

To Buy My Personal Care Products

Holland & Barrett
Rue Neuve 122, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone number: +32 2 218 64 22
I buy there my shampoo, my face cream, my deodorant, my toothpaste and other things for my body.

To Buy Healthy Food…

Rue de Belle-vue 62, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone number: +32 2 648 34 76
I buy all my vegetables, cereal grains, lentils and my rice there. You can buy everything by the weight or litre and choose the right quantities for you! Very good products and a wide choice!

Parc Du Petit Sablon

My Favourite Parks to Connect with Myself

Thanks to an urban shaman in Brussels, Ludovic Boucart (see, I found some interesting parks to be more connected with myself. To know exactly the right spots in the parks and by respect for his teachings, the best way is to contact him through his facebook page, if you want more information or via his website He has some interesting projects concerning the parks in Brussels!

  • Square du Petit Sablon
  • The « Jardins de l’Abbaye de la Cambre »
  • and others…

updated: 19/06/2017



  1. Anne-Laure D août 16, 2017 at 10:10 - Reply

    Super interessting!
    I agree with these places, like them too! For the organi shops, there are many more (Dame Nature, FÄRM…).. also a lot of online options (« Circkle » for example, or the « Food Assembly » etc.)
    I would add maybe to this, for my personnal list :
    – Yoga/Pilates centre, such as the BYP in the city center, but there are many more.
    – Great wellness places, such as spas, hammams etc. there are soooo many in Brussels.
    – Church, if you are spiritually strong and need a heavenly connection : Vineyard Brussels for example is international, super tolerant, multi-cultrual and of all age groups. But also IBC or the Brazilian church… so many places to meet great people.
    – if you want to feel great by helping people: Serve The City (all types of volonteer work)

    • Aurore août 17, 2017 at 8:06 - Reply

      Hi Anne-Laure! Thank you so much for these comments! You are totally right, there are so many interesting places in Brussels, I must discover them to update the article. I keep in mind all your information to visit them and post my comments on it.
      Besides, I know we are connected on LinkedIn: take a coffee together could be great to speak about it!

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