How To Keep Faith In A Better Future?

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”      – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

« Have faith! » I love this expression in São Paulo. With all the problems, in Brazil, people keep faith! No matter what your religion, your beliefs, keeping faith in a better future, it’s the key. In your mind, you have to visualize, what you want for your future, while living the present.  When your starts thinking from the end, you will attract to you abundance and positive vibrations from the Universe. Just let it go. Go with the flow of the universe. You have nothing to do, you just need to have faith… You are connected to a powerful source that don’t know scarcity, despair, anger and greed. “He” only knows abundance and will give you more and more. To be connected to “Him”, you have to trust his power.

All day, in your mind, visualize what you want for your life and fulfill your mission on Earth. Don’t worry about the details or the difficulties to achieve your dream. Everything around you, will give you the good opportunities at the right time.

On the contrary, when you “have no faith”, you are more concerned about your problems, your lacks, and you visualize in your mind negative pictures: “I’m alone and sad”, “I’m depressed”, “Nobody in this world understands me”, “My life sucks”, “I have no friends”, etc…

Thinking like that, you’ll never amount to anything, anyway!

With that kind of thinking, you say to the universe, to your subconscious, you are unhappy. And according to the law of attraction, if you are “unhappy”, you will attract more unhappiness in your life! If you choose to focus on your lacks, the universe will send you more lacks

Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.” – Rhonda Byrne

« It is the combination of thought and love which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction. » – Charles Hammel

It’s your call! Now you know your thoughts are the great creator about what’s happening in your life!

You can decide – no matter the reality, the problems, the obstacles – with your heart and your thoughts, the kind of life you want. You must have faith, in the Universe, God, the Tão…

The life you want for you is already there!

Now, what do you decide to think?

Together, let’s do an exercise:

1. Listen for 10 minutes, the video below, by closing your eyes, in a quiet place in your house or apartment…

2. Visualize above you, a jar which contains the source of the creation… then pour it over yourself, continuously… You are protected, you are surrounded by the love of the creation.

3. You’re starting to feel inside, at the level of your solar plexus, your chakra which is beginning to open. To help you, visualize a yellow lotus flower that opens little by little.

Have faith - plexus solar

4. Feel the love you have for your family, your friends…

5. Visualize yourself in nature. You can feel sun and wind on your face and your skin. Nature around you is green…

A deer appears… She comes at you…cautious at first… then more serene. Now she is close to you. She is looking you right in the eye with love. Through this gesture, it’s Nature who tell you: “I see you… I heard your call …We are now connected… How can I help you?”

Have faith - Deer!

6. In a first time, you look the eyes of the deer… You thank her for her presence… you’re grateful for the things you have received in your life. You have a feeling of gratitude in your mind, your body, your heart… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you so much…. Thank you for all this love, Thank you for all you give me each day… Thank you for your help and for your support… I feel your love all around me in every way! Your love inspires me… I also want to share my love with other people and living beings! How can I serve?

7. Then, clear your mind, completely.. Be love! You are a spiritual being! You feel all right, you are in harmony with yourself!

Let images come to you… Once you have your answers visualize in your mind, how you can help others!

By helping others, you will feel love in your heart.. This feeling will be your connection with God! And God will tell you:

“How can I serve you in return? “


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