How To Find Inspiration And Do Extraordinary Things?

Nowadays, it seems so hard to find inspiration, to hear its inner voice. All the time, we are surrounded by all this incessant city noise. Continuously, the city imprisons us, with no opportunity to say stop. The same routine every day: Métro-Boulot-Dodo, at an alarming rate, without time to think about ourselves, what we want and finally be in the present.

We’re chasing the ticking clock. Constantly stressed out, always in a hurry because of an email, a phone call or a new “emergency”. And If it’s not the work, it’s the family. Even as a child, we are concerned and the vicious circle consumes us.

Hard to find inspiration here! Almost impossible! And what hope do we have? Noise, stress, requests of all kinds, never a peaceful moment to take a break. Always people around us and our mind – without stopping – overwhelms us with thoughts.

These thoughts are a real pollution for our mind. We are worried about little things, stupid things, things that don’t matter and negative things (a lot!).Try to find positive thoughts in your day! It will be a challenge! We think about the past, the future… We are sad, worried, stressed, angry, envious… But definitely, not in the present! We never take time to be alone with ourselves, find the silence within us and be connected with our energy.

To find inspiration, we need to take a break, alone, in a quiet and peaceful place. Initially, being alone may be difficult. We are too drugged and without a smartphone, a computer, internet and distractions, big panic!

Here, I’m not talking necessarily about meditation. You can go on a nature walk, write in a diary when everyone’s asleep, etc… Most importantly, you have to find a way to connect to yourself. The first few times, finding the silence inside you will be hard… But it is the first exercise you will have to do… You have to find the way to be in the present and not in the future or in the past. It seems stupid, writing like that, but most of the people don’t live in the present, they are either stuck in their past or worried about their future.

Be in the now is the true secret to connecting with yourself! Until it does, you will never be able to be yourself and find who you are!

After finding the silence of your thoughts, living in the present, progressively, you will be able to hear your inner voice and its extraordinary secrets. You will discover if you are aligned with what you are supposed to do on Earth and you will find the right path to evolve.

Every day, every hour, we are evolving. Who we were in the past, is already yesterday’s news, we are who we are now. And sometimes because of our ego, our education, we have become puppets to match the dictates of success, beauty and of society. It can be so easy to give control of who we are to our ego. We become what we have, what we accomplish and what people think about us.

When finally we look at ourselves, what you see is a copycat of someone else, an illusion. Scared, stressed out, we don’t know anymore how to be ourselves! Peer pressure is softly killing us.

But it’s never too late to wake up. You can change! You can move on and do better!
You can create your own masterpiece: yourself! Inspiration is not just for poets, Shakespeare, Mozart! Inspiration is the voice of the Universe, whispering, a big secret to become your true self and reveal it. Each day, each moment, inspiration can help you to find the answers.

When the Universe reveals you a secret, you need to listen and to take it into consideration, even though at the time, its seems stupid and insane. The greatest inventions of our time, speeches, paintings are daughters of inspiration.

Finding inspiration means you are finally connected to the source of the Universe, with your inner self and it’s the biggest gift that you can get. Money, social status can’t buy you what the universe gives you for free.

Listen and let inspiration, your inner voice guide you!

When inspiration orientates you, listen and follow its lead. It’s like taking the metro, you just have to enter. Don’t stress and trust the metro to lead you to the right path. Fear will be your worst enemy. Trust life, trust yourself and who you are deep down inside you. Enjoy the journey!


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