How To Find Our Purpose In Life?

A life without purpose in life is possible but it will suck! What is a purpose in life? A purpose in life, it’s the reason of your existence now and here! Before you are born, you agreed to accomplish on Earth a specific task, a mission. Perhaps to better yourself, to serve a greater purpose, to help people, to bring hope on Earth, to reveal the beauty of this world, to make a great discovery. The reasons can be very varied.

How can you find your purpose in life?

To find it, you will have on your way, several signs:

  • Help people. Your mission on Earth is to help people. You don’t know what you can do, start by helping an association and little by little you will find your way.
  • Do things you love, you have skills or even a gift! When you showed up on Earth, God gave you certain skills, gifts to fulfill your mission. When you do things you love, you are on the right path to fulfill your destiny! Don’t stress about potential failure or success. Just do what you love and believe you can accomplish great things!

For example, if when you wake up, you think about video games, you watch videos from Youtubers, you love everything concerning video games,  even when you procrastinate (you do it for free and with pleasure), you need to pursue this a bit further. You can create your own work with your passion. And working, will not be no longer a burden to you! It’s maybe your mission on Earth!

Fulfilling your mission on Earth, may be difficult. Your ego will be your worst enemy! Indeed, your ego will tell you:

  • You are what you have! It will be stupid to take risks because of your passion! You will earn a very small amount of money…. And you will not be able to buy what you want, only simple things!
  • You are what you do. You want to do minor things for others: painting, dancing, singing, great! But seriously, what are you thinking? You have to find a respectable job! You don’t want to be a loser, by trying to live with his passion!
  • And the most difficult for you: what the other people think of you! Firstly your family might discourage you to do certain things, your friends, your colleagues, your husband or your wife. And tell you: “By doing that, what about your reputation? You are not a children anymore, you can’t afford to live with your childhood dreams. Your childhood is over now! Be realistic!

And so on…

With the voices from your ego and from other people, you could be lost. Living a life to pay your rent, buy things, it’s not enough! Tell your ego to shup up! You are what you do, you have or your reputation. It doesn’t matter! You will find happiness and joy, by doing what you love and by helping others. “God”, the “universe”, the “Tão” is with you if you are aligned with “him”.

Why is it important to realize your mission?

A lot of people can feel an emptiness in their heart because they don’t live the life they are supposed to live. On the contrary, when you are doing the things you love, without the control of your ego, you will feel joy, happiness, peace and serenity in your heart! Do you not want that in your life?

Between us, a little exercise:

  • What are your passions? What do you like to do?
  • Take time to do what you love!

Little by little you will find your answers and will live a life with meaning!


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