How Helping People Will Change Your Life?

In our stressful world, we have time to do nothing! We are running after time. Taking care of ourselves and our family, is more than enough.

Yes, there are some unhappy people here, but with 7 billion people, I can’t save everybody. I can be sad seeing the situation in the world, but it is not in my power to do something extraordinary. We have a President, a government, public institutions to do something for them. I pay enough taxes for that! I did my part!

The world has become very complicated nowadays. I hear comment like that all the time. And finally, people do nothing and think negatively about the society and our reality.

I think, we can – every one of us – contribute in our small way to change our world. By changing our thoughts, we can help people who we know and strangers too!

The secret is: helping others will change your life, bringing you a new and strong energy.

Just a smile to others can make difference. When you pay attention to others, you will find in you, more peace, more serenity and love. We have in us, the seed of the creation. If we act as the creation, our life will change!

How to act like the “creation”?

“Creation”, “Universe”, “Tão”, “God”, “Source of all things”, etc. … whatever name that you give it, the important thing is the concept behind that.

For the Universe, the most important is to give, to love, to have compassion, to create and to provide abundance, without distinction between living beings. Permanently, it gives without asking nothing in return. Its creations are just perfect!

We are a part of this universe; but our ego convinces us that we are separated from it and the others. We voluntarily split up from our source to attract to us, pain, sadness and unhappiness. We give the right to our ego to take control of our life, by focusing on how we can possibly satisfy our individual desires. We are asking all the time, without giving something in return.

When you ask to the universe “How can I serve”, you gradually align with it and it will ask you in return: “How can I serve you?”. You have to act like “God”! We are here to give and not to accumulate things, power and money. Helping is the basis of our creation.

When you give, you will feel a big difference in you, a feeling of well-being, with a new and strong energy. It’s an extraordinary feeling!

How can you help at your level?

To do that, there are plenty of opportunities! To initiate the process, here a few advice:

  • If you meet a man’s eyes (your neighbor, your boss, a bystander…): smile and say hello! Your smile could change his day!
  • When you see a person who is in difficulty in the street, help her/him!
  • When your friends have trouble, take a while to help him/her
  • Give one or two hours to an association (a cause near and dear to your heart)

When you start to help others, you will see your life more positively, because now you know, you can make a difference in our world!


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