Why You Are Not Frigid – The True Meaning of Making Love

In our modern and Occidental society, we don’t know the true meaning of making love and how to do it, which leads to misunderstanding and unhappy women. They are convinced they can’t have pleasure and orgasms during the act of love.

Discovering the truth about making love will surprise you but in the end, you will happy to discover the true way to do it and why your life was a lie about this particular aspect, causing pain, misery and source of disputes.

Nowadays, we think making love is about 2 minutes of foreplay to wake up the body of the female and that’s it, penetrations in different positions until the male ejaculates and the female has some contractions of her clitoris or her vagina. Hormonal peaks… Everybody is happy, they reached the goal taught by the Occidental society in magazines, tv, novels, etc… Whaouaa. They can even remember the words of their partner saying, you are fantastic, you know your body and how to reach the famous orgasms…

On the other side of the force, we have women unable to reach orgasms. Frustration of both partners. Slowly but surely, the woman begins to give access to her door without pleasure because it is an obligation if you want to be a couple. We don’t make love anymore, we are avoiding conflicts. But how your partner could take pleasure when he must always ask you to have sex with him and you don’t take pleasure at all, even a little bit. You are not the sexy girl he can see in his porn videos, where a wonderful creature yells and readily reaches the orgasms.
You are starting to wear a mask to hide your lack of great pleasure. You are starting to simulate and give the illusion that sex is great, wonderful with him… he is making love like a God.

Illusion and lies…

Some women wonder if they are normal. Why so many efforts? Unanswered, they are continuing the ritual of simulation for a little while. Then, they stop. They don’t have pleasure why to torture oneself? If he wants to have sex, he just needs to ask and they will uncross the legs. And then, nothing happens. The man is hurt. Tired of always asking. Her partner is frigid and she will never take pleasure. The relationship is off.

After several broken relationships, she begins to believe that making love is not for her. Something is wrong with her. Never, she will be happy with a man. Either, she will have to force herself, her entire life to create an illusion with a man or she will give up to be with a man, wondering if she is a lesbian.

To all these women, I would like to say nothing is lost. If you can’t take pleasure it is because our beliefs related to sex are wrong. And what we believe to be an orgasm is an illusion or only one type of orgasms, pretty basic, primary and not really satisfactory for a woman.

You are not frigid!!! You can take pleasure and our conception of making love has to evolve because it is not really what we think.

What is the true meaning of making love, of kissing someone?

We have to start from scratch to understand it.

When you meet someone new, you take pleasure to know your partner, see if you are compatible, if together you have something in common and some perspective…

If you take pleasure when you are talking to him with your body language, your spirit, your words… If you are thinking this guy is great… I love his qualities… we have the same vision of life, he is mature, a true man but at the same time sensitive…he has a great life experience… Then through your gaze, you will create a special connection with him.

Slowly, even if it is your first date, you would like more physical contact with him. You are in the street and you want him to hold your hands. The pretext of cold is a good one Ladies! Trust me!! 😉

Your hands communicate your energy and you receive his… In your hands, you can feel a special connection, something warm, magical… You’re surprised to feel it. Very surprised. Who is this man? Before I never felt something like that… This man is special and I want to know him more. A wonderful first date. With a first spiritual connection, beyond words… something special is ongoing.. and you are very excited by this new relationship.

Then comes the second date… What a wonderful surprise! When you enter into his home, you can feel a warm welcome from his apartment. The decoration is perfect as in your dream without knowing you would like the same one for your own home.

Another surprise, a great homemade meal is waiting for you. The products are organic, healthy. The presentation of the dishes is perfect. Everything is divine. You are impressed. He gains several points today. But with him, you don’t keep score… slowly but surely, you are falling in love with him.

You have together great discussions… Since your first date, he wanted to kiss you but he was waiting a special moment, a magical one.

You eat, you drink a great wine, you are speaking and then arrives the end of the meal… You are near the kitchen.

Resisting becomes harder and harder… His body, his spirit calls you… You are naturally attracted to each other… You are closer and closer… You can hear and feel his breath.. the warm of his arms… You don’t kiss him immediately. Instead, you are trying to connect to his energy, the one you felt during the first date, the special connection in your hands. Now you are feeling this energy in your arms, then slowly in your heart, in your head, then your legs… It becomes more and more difficult to stay up.

Slowly, you are placing your head on his chest… What a beautiful energy between you two. A true connection is in the making. Something unnatural.. extraordinary.. and you take the time to feel his energy in your body. It is so good.. delicious.. spellbinding… whaouaa! You’ve never felt that way before.

Toward each other, your two heads are now spiritually connected. It’s not only your body. Your whole soul, your energy is connecting to him.. You are now ready for your first kiss…

This kiss is not two bodies saying hello, it is two souls saying I see you.

Your lips don’t resist him anymore… Your heart, your stomach, your entire body, your soul are fully connecting to him. You are feeling his energy into every ounce of your being… It is a magical moment… Beyond time and space!!!

Your first kiss lasts a long time… and you kiss him over and over again because the bond you are creating with him is special, far from your old experiences. You are feeling alive with him, in a special bubble.. far from the stress of life. You are fully living the present with him… This moment is special and yours!!!

No need to do anything further… This moment was already beyond your expectations and what you are feeling right now is just magical…

You are happy and with a new energy in you… This guy is special. Together you are special for each other…

After this second date, you are feeling so lucky to have met him. You are trusting life for putting him in your path and making you believe again in love…

But all the stress, the fears of your last relationships are still in you. And despite all your efforts to be the most natural with him, authentic, you’re nervous about your first time together. Deep inside you, you know sex has always been a deal breaker. You can hear in your head the voice of your boyfriends saying: « you are frigid, you don’t know how to receive or give pleasure, you don’t like to make love…. »

The words of your ex-boyfriends are here, in your mind and your soul, blocking your chakras.

And despite all these magical moments with the new guy and how special he is, the fear is here and you want to wait before doing it. It is now your worst nightmare.. but without possibility to tell him all the sufferings you had.

But date after date… it becomes increasingly difficult to resist him. Each new kiss, each new hug are creating a special bond, connection between you. These amuse bouche are so wonderful, now you want more, the main course.

The kisses, the hand-holdings, the hugs, the long conversations, the great moments between you, the confidences about your past, your desires, your life expectations were your preliminary connections to him. You are not him, he is not you, but together you are something very special, unique.

What you are when you are together is calling you… Your body, your own energy is calling the other one… Through the act of Love, you are now ready to fully connect to his « soul », his spiritual energy… A bit like in the movie « Avatar », you are now Neytiri and Jake under the Tree of Voices and you will offer to connect to each other, in an act called « tsaheylu » to create an emotional bond that lasts a lifetime.

It’s not just two bodies offer to each other, it’s primarily two souls who accept to connect, completely naked.

But beware, you can’t feel this spiritual connection with anybody.

Connecting your soul, your energy, your chakras with another person is the true meaning of making love… and when you understand it and find the right person to do it, your life will change forever…

Your definition of orgasm will change and your first orgasm will come as well despite your past.

Don’t give up, your turn is coming!


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