How Not To Be Envious In Its Relationship?

What is jealousy? It’s the mirror of what we would like for ourselves, what we are missing and we don’t have for the moment or will never have because the tools will not help us with our destiny or mission.

In a couple, it can be easy to be jealous of its partner. Its career can be more evolved than yours, he/she can be more talented in some area that you dream to excel. He/she can be more popular, very comfortable in social groups… In your mind, you can easily find something, object of your jealousy.

By looking in the mirror of your partner, you will project your own desire, fear and illusions.

Your jealousy can reflect your lack of confidence, your lack of work to reach your targets, a low self-esteem… You might feel like an ant facing a giant (your partner): insignificant, worthless, miserable, without future… and so on…

Not an ideal feeling in a relationship where you are trying to find a balance in your couple. So why, are you feeling sometimes like that? Pathetic and useless?

This is a paradoxical situation. You can believe you are a spiritual being living a human experience and at the same time, saying « I don’t do anything important with my life when I compare it with that of my spouse ».

And you start to wonder what you really bring to this relationship. Especially, if before you, your partner was with a perfect « creature », beautiful, sexy, perfect body, smart, with « un je ne sais quoi! »

Anyway, you are now completely panicked and a lot of questions pop up in your head. What do you really bring to this relationship? Why does he/she love you?

Before his arrival in your life, you were under the illusion of certain aspects of your personality. Maybe very sociable, you had a great career, a great intuition, something special. And finally, in its presence, everything is being challenged… Moment of doubt, your illusions are destroyed. And it hurts thoroughly.

But in the same time, the arrival of this person in your life, couldn’t be beneficial for you? Living in illusion it’s not a life and does not require any significant effort from you.

Take a new look at oneself can be first painful but in the end, very profitable for your own development.

First, take a moment to understand what you are feeling.

Acknowledging its jealousy is a good thing because you will bring to light what is missing in your life, what you dream to do without knowing it consciously. Now, time to act! 

Examples of your negative thoughts:

« I’m feeling jealous »
It’s a negative emotion, not a constructive one, but it’s a good thing to recognise what is missing in your life or what you have to change. Instead, replace your negative feeling by « I can do more with my life, I have potential and I need to wake them »

« I’m so ordinary »
I am for the moment a copycat and even in my work, I’m not feeling satisfied with what I do. Why? Because you are not aligned with what you are supposed to do. Be original! Be creative! Don’t copy the others and listen to your inner voice. Express yourself! Don’t be the best copycat in the world!. Invest in you! Listen to the signs, forget your fears and follow your path.

« My spouse makes me feel like a nobody »
Here, your lack of confidence is talking! You are a spiritual being and inside you, you have all the resources you need to be someone special and unique. By knowing who you are, by being connected to yourself, you will be guided by your inner voice. The great idea doesn’t come from human beings but from inspiration, a divine energy. That’s why, you have to make room for your true self and not your fears, your illusions and the opinions from others. Don’t be shy to be unique! Express who you are!

You can bring a lot to your spouse! Your love, your support, taking care of him, being a good friend, having unbelievable moments of complicity, your love, your joy, making love, astonishing him… be creative! And above all, be yourself and enjoy life!

Do you feel better now? Are you grateful for what you receive every day?

Don’t be jealous anymore of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife! Your own light is wonderful. Don’t concentrate on your lacks but instead try to find who you are by finding the silence in yourself.

Turn on the light and be connected with yourself. Be grateful for all the teachings you have received and find out the truth.  


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