WOW! We all are connected.

Whole universe is connected from the beginning of time.

I am writing this article based on thought that came four days back and by taking the help of science – what they said about past & about Universe or what they are saying now. I am both sad and happy because of two reasons – although both the emotions are normal for me. I will share both the reasons. And as usual we will keep article simple & to the point.

Respected all from past four days when this topic touched my mind one night (we all are connected) I was looking for clues as how to tell this simple supreme reality. I was looking for amazing answer; I was looking for that eureka moment! On 11th April 2016 night I got the answer. Many times images of blast came to my mind with message – Big Bang, Big Bang & Big Bang.

If we keep our mind open even for 5 minutes it’s very easy to understand we all are actually connected; we all are connected from the beginning of the universe or time. It’s very easy to understand & I have totally understood; now I need to practice & feel more. We just shouldn’t say but feel it completely. Then it will be easy to see oneself in all and whole Universe in self – and be one with Universe.

Now I will talk by the help of Science in simple words; as per Science 13.8 billion or just say 14 billion years ago there was nothing in the Universe – no planets, no billion stars, no moon, no dark elements, no black holes, no time, no humans or animals & what about so called God. More than God I believe Nature is God’s best interpretation. Because every religion says God is formless but can take any form. Even nature is vast, too vast but we can see some part of it on the earth. And earth is just one small dot in the whole Universe. So 14 billion years ago – according to the Big Bang theory, the universe was born nearly 13.8 billion years ago. All the matter that occurs today or we can feel or see was once squeezed into an infinitely dense, infinitely small, ultra-hot dot called a singularity. This little fireball then blasted and growth to the early universe started. Going backward in time, as claimed by these equations, all matter in the cosmos was once in a tiny single point — which is also known as the Big Bang singularity.

So by the help of Big Bang theory we can easily say we all are connected from the beginning of Universe.

So now we can easily say without any discrimination – we are connected to whole Universe. And since we all are part of Universe – wherever we stay we will be part of Universe – so say proudly with happiness – I am Universe and connected to all and whole Universe is connected to me by one way or the other way. So, all the above paragraphs are happy paragraphs. Now I will share sad part – although I don’t want to share but all points must be put forward; than it’s up to the individual to decide.

Now just like we all (almost all common people) and most scientists agree with Big Bang Theory for the evolution of Universe. But then as usual there are other groups of scientist who don’t agree with Big Bang Theory. They believe the universe may have no start at all. As per them age of the universe could be infinite. This new notion could also clarify what dark matter is actually made of. They believe it’s almost impossible to measure or calculate age of Universe as Universe is size-less, limitless, endless & infinite. This theory is yet to be proved and accepted by most scientists.

By the way let’s talk in simple way to understand this complex situation. We all know we were born, become old and die. Same is the case with rest of animals or birds. Same case with billion years old trees. Same is the case with billion billon stars in whole Universe. One day even our Sun (star) will die. When star (Sun) die either of the event can happen in the Universe:

Case 1: Stars run on hydrogen fuel. When stars fuse hydrogen into helium, they burn, releasing heat and light. But what happens when they run out of hydrogen? The star starts to contract, becoming smaller. And, as the core of the star contracts, it gets hotter. This makes the upper layers of the star expand, and as the star expands, it turns into a red giant.

Case 2: When the core is hot enough, the helium starts to fuse into carbon. Once the helium gets used up, the core expands and starts cooling down. The core finally cools into a white dwarf, then a black dwarf. This is what happens when a normal-sized star dies. If a really huge star dies, it has so much mass that after the helium is used up, it still has enough carbon to fuse it into heavy elements like iron. When the core turns to iron, it no longer burns. The star’s gravity causes it to collapse, and then it explodes into a supernova. What’s left of the core can form a neutron star or a black hole.

In short everything has its beginning. So I am sure there must be beginning of Universe to.

Stay blessed and stay healthy and care for each other because we all are connected from the beginning of the Universe. Stay connected online, through mobile, through email, through mind and heart and through memory!

WOW! We all the connected!

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