Chlorella is a green alga very famous for its strong power to detoxify the organism. It is exceptionally rich in chlorophyll, but also in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Chlorella is a freshwater green alga. It is a very ancient alga (appeared as early as 1.5 to 2 billion years.
This alga can be qualified as exceptional in the sense that Chlorella contains a very heavy concentration of chlorophyll, which is extremely rare. Chlorella has been the subject of a lot of studies around the world to deal with an eventual problem of overpopulation in the future, but its cost of production proved to be too costly. A number of studies have been undertaken in 1950 by the USA, in order to determine if Chlorella could take care of a very large population, as a food. However, studies were arrested when the American government realised that its manufacturing cost was too high. Chlorella is considered as a nutrient of national importance in Japan.


Industrially, there are 3 methods of producing micro-algae:
In reactors completely closed (known as heterotrophic): the culture methods in heterotrophic ambient do not use the photosynthesis reaction of alga, which is developing by consuming the sugars of the culture medium. This Chlorella doesn’t contain vitamin B12.
In open-air basin: the production of chlorella in open-air basin costs 5 times more than that the production in closed reactors. That’s why, very often, the producers in open-sky basins start the production in heterotrophic reactors then continue with open-sky basins for the final stage. Disadvantage, the open-sky basins can’t avoid the contact with the environment and its contaminants (rain, air, dust, animals).
In glass tubes: this kind of production in photo bio reactors, more expensive, is performed in a safe and controlled environment. This would represent less than 1% of the world production. In Europe, this production is located in Germany (Klötze) by the company Roquette, forerunner here. But the price is 10 times higher than the culture in heterotrophic reactors


Chlorella is an extremely rich alga in vitamins, minerals, proteins and trace elements. It contains proteins (58% of its weight), it means 40 times more than wheat, 18 amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, E. It contains 10 times more vitamin A than beef liver. Besides, Chlorella is extremely rich in vitamin 12, as spirulina, which makes it a perfect alga for vegetarians. Chlorella is also rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega-3 and contains very many minerals: iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sulphur, manganese… Besides, it is exceptionally rich in chlorophyll (4 times more than spirulina which is already rich in chlorophyll), chlorophyll which plays an important part in the detoxification and oxygenation of the organism. Chlorophyll is an excellent source of organic magnesium. Finally, it is made up of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which promotes the cellular reproduction (healthy cells). Chlorella is so an exceptional food supplement.


Chlorella is particularly recommended to purify the organism of all its toxins and strengthens the immune system. Chlorella will chelate all the drugs, toxins and heavy metals present in blood, body and organs. Its power is more powerful in combination with spirulina.

Anti-Diseases – Anti-cancers – Detoxification
– Detoxifies the organism (pollutants, heavy metals…) (in combination with Spirulina)
– Purifies breath, body odour
– Powerful healing
– Promotes wound healing
– Antioxidant, anti-aging (in combination with Goji)
– Helps to prevent cancer (confirmed studies on mouse) (in combination with Curcuma)
– Stimulates and protects the immune system
– Protects from diseases and infections (pharyngitis, flu, cold, laryngitis, gingivitis)
– Effectively prevents anaemia (in combination with Spirulina)
– Purifies blood (in association with Curcuma)
– Purifies the tissues of the organism
– Protects from radioactivity, ionising radiations
– Oxygenation of the organism (in association with Spirulina)
– Relieves from inflammatory pain (arthritis, arthrosis)
– Liver disease, liver protection (in combination with Curcuma)

Digestion – Diet – Blood
– Obesity, big help for slimming diet (in association with Spirulina)
– Moderates hunger
– Avoids nutritional deficiencies during a diet (in association with Goji and Spirulina)
– Constipation
– Restores acid-base balance
– Regulates digestive and liver functions
– Regulates bad cholesterol levels in blood (in association with Curcuma)
– Demineralisation, osteoporosis
– Diabetes (in combination with Ginseng)
– Reduces high blood pressure

Fatigue – Depression – Anxiety
– Fights depression (in combination with Ginseng and Rhodiola)
– Gives energy to overcome the stumbling blocks of life
– Tonus, vitality, form
– Unexplained chronic fatigue
– Reduces stress and anxiety


Chlorella accumulates heavy metals and pollutants when the growing medium is polluted. The geographic origin is therefore extremely important. Pay attention to the quality of chlorella when you order it. Do not hesitate to ask some questions to the providers because this information is extremely important for you and your health.

Careful, there is currently no organic chlorella because its culture technique requires mineral fertilisers, especially mineral nitrogen, that do not yet exist with the organic certification.

I don’t recommend Chlorella from Asian and South American productions because the alga is most often cultivated open-air, which can allow contact with many contaminants… For my part, I prefer European origin and I choose the purest chlorella (cultivated in glass tubes or in springwater).


– Allergy to chlorella, to its ingredients or to Oocystaceae family
– Sensitive people to moisture
– The consumption of Chlorella is recommended for pregnant and lactating women (but do not exceed the appropriate dose rates).

Should be used with caution in individuals:
– with hypotension or antihypertensive treatment
– taking medicines modulating immune system (because chlorella stimulating the immune system)
– taking anti-cancer drug
– sensitive to light
– taking manganese supplementation
– taking vitamin K (because chlorella contains it a considerable amount)
– taking anticoagulant


– Hypersensitivity to light
– Asthma
– Fatigue
– Dermatological problems
– Diarrhoea (because Chlorella causes a quicker intestinal transit). In this case, you need to reduce the doses and increases them very gradually.

More rare (due to the detoxification effect of Chlorella):
– Headaches
– Dizziness
– Tremor


Please do not exceed the recommended dose rates, because chlorella tends to chelate heavy metals, the toxins which can lead to numerous side effects. It’s usually better to start with low doses and to gradually increase the doses. It is recommended to take 1 to 5 grammes of Chlorella per day. 5 grammes is a high dose. Take chlorella before meals, with a big glass of water or fruit juice.


Chlorella combines well with spirulina (detoxify, purify, diet, immune system), in the form of cure: 3 weeks Chlorella – 1 week nothing – 3 weeks Spirulina. Or Spirulina + Chlorella together during 2 to 3 months with a break every 3 weeks. This cure is a good way of detoxifying the organism, reenergizing, strengthening the immune system and protecting the vital organs.

Chlorella can be associated to Ginseng (nerve fatigue, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, diabetes, libido), Rhodiola (oxygenation of the cells, endurance, inner well-being, stress), Maca (plant very rich, sport, libido), Burdock, Milk-thistle, Curcuma (to detoxify the organism, prevent cancers, purify blood, cholesterol…) and finally Acerola or Goji berry (very rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-aging, protection of diseases).


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