Black Tourmaline

Name: Tourmaline
Family: Silicates
Crystal system: Hexagonal
Chemical composition: Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-silicate Hydroxide / NaFe3Al6(BO3)3(Si6O18)(OH)4
Hardness: 7-7.5

Physical effects:
– Boosts the renal system to help you to urinate
– Helps to heal blood poisoning
– Reduces infection and suppresses tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
– Regulates hormone and genetic disorders
– Strengthens musculature, nervous system and heart, activates blood flow
– Helps against the pelvic congestion, dysmenorrhea (on pelvic area), impotence and frigidity and anarchic sexuality
– Unlocks the sacroiliac joint, facilitates ovulation, opens fallopian tubes and the epididymis canal
– Neutralises most of the pains (laid on the area)
– Can help with rheumatisms and arthritis problems by putting a stone on the concerned area
– Helps people with difficulties in walking, vertigo or in functional rehabilitation (put in each pocket, left and right, a stone)
– Can help in the treatment of serious diseases (cancer, aids, orphan diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s…) by evacuating the disharmonious energies (wear a stone in your pocket and/or Heart Chakra). It is necessary to combine this stone with another one for each pathology:
           > petalite, sugilite, zircon against cancer (purpurite to purify the body undergoing cancer chemotherapies)
           > smoked quartz to better withstand radiations
           > yellow fluorite, tugtupite, honey opal, rhodochrosite for the Parkinson’s disease
           > emerald, tugtupite, pink quartz, green tourmaline for the multiple sclerosis
           > mauve tourmaline, chalcopyrite, jasper pyrite, pink quartz, lepidolite, blue obsidian for Alzheimer’s disease, etc…
This list is not exhaustive; it is appropriate to always continue the medical treatment ongoing.
– Stimulates reflex points in link with coccyx
– Corrects the dyslexia by working on the movement-vision coordination, as well as the assimilation and the interpretation of the encoded information
– Helps to balance endocrine system
– Is good for sleep
– Acts like spinal corrector
– Is a support for intervertebral discs, against herniated disc
– Helps you to sleep, without dream and profoundly (put the tourmaline close to you, under the pillow or on the bedside table. You can use pink quartz in synergy). But don’t use it on a long period because you will have a heavy wake up.
– Helps you with all hormonal problems (painful menstruation, pregnancy, menopause…)
– Strengthens body and blood stream
– Promotes the detoxification of the body (excellent diuretic)

Psychological effects:
– For excited people and hyperactive people. Allows the person to relax. The best way is to wear the stone in jewels or a piece in your pocket, in your bag or your brassiere. Nevertheless, this stone must be avoided by the people with high blood pressure and angry people.
– Protects from negative thoughts and help in case of stress
– Transforms the negative attitude (anger, aggressiveness, etc…) in positive attitude
– Deflects the negative influences from people
– Protects from painful events (accidents, oversights, attacks)
– Calms the nerves and strengthens focusing power
– Black tourmaline is the stone for confidence and courage. Very useful for people under stress because of their professional or personal life since it reduces stress and anxieties by helping you to understand oneself and by dissipating fears.
– Brings peace and serenity (fight stress)
– Very useful for mental clarity, promote rational and logical spirit. It brings us down to Earth.
– By offering an attracting vibrational field, this stone attracts friendships, inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.
– Helps to understand oneself, reduce fears by developing your confidence in oneself
– Useful against paranoia
– Helps to focus (concentration) and calms the nerve
– Develops and maintains confidence and alleviate anguish

Benefits for your home:
– The tourmaline has the property of protecting its possessor of the electromagnetic mist, static electricity phenomena and various waves which pollute our everyday life (wifi, airwaves, mobile phones, etc… It’s one of the most efficient stones to ensure the protection of living places and the people who live there. It compensates the negative perturbations as the cosmotelluric chimneys, geopathogenic nodes (Hartmann, for instance), the crossings of subterranean flows, etc…
– Protects the home, you need a stone above each entrance and on each window sill.
– Here some objects on which put tourmalines in order to protect your home and its occupants: in every corner of the house, on the screens of the house (TV, computer screen, etc…), on the PC desktop, on the electrical box, on the microwave, close to phones and mobile phones. The best way is to place crude bitermined crystal heavier than 150 gr.
Place the crystal always parallel in front of or on the devices to neutralise so that the peak is not directed to you.
– You can wear a stone directly in your pocket to relieve you from the electromagnetic pollution.

Benefits for Spirituality:
Since ancient times, black colour is considered as an Earth guardian, in other words a protective energy. Tourmaline definitely represented this role of protector guardian against occult dark energies. Since the era of electromagnetic industry, black tourmaline found pride of place among the other stones.
– The tourmaline brings your energy back from top to bottom and helps you to balance your energy.
– For medium, it allows to cut the link with entities.
– The tourmaline absorbs the bad energies from people and places. It is not rare that the stone cracks or explodes when it is in contact with an important flow of bad energy. But this degradation is impossible if the size of the stone is big enough and you regularly purify it.
– Shield stone par excellence. The black tourmaline has the property to be one of the most powerful stone in the absorption of negative energies and to dissolve at ground level.
– It produces a deep root in the ground. It will be used mostly on the Root Chakra or in contact with the soles of the feet.
– Coupled to crystals of stibnite, it allows to fight negative entities
– Very useful for meditation (root and protection). It helps to develop occult gifts and facilitate the access to the higher state of consciousness.

– Several hours or all night in salt distilled water (1 tablespoon of unrefined salt per litre of water). The best moment is on moonlit nights.
To check if the stone finished its purification, observe the surface of the saline solution: it must be net, without air bubbles on the surface.
– Possible to purify it in the ground

– If you charge the stone in the sun, you will see a substantial change of its properties. It will absorb less negative energy and will anchor less deeply. However, it will have a better diuretic effect.
– You can charge it with the light of the full moon or with the light of the waxing of the moon
– Or in amethyst geode
– The frequency of the recharge depends of the size and the usage of the stone


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