How to Begin Your Spiritual Journey: Be detached from your fear, Know yourself

Be and not have.
I am who I am now in the present. I’m not defined by what I have. All the objects, the positions, my job, my friends don’t define me. Within, you are a beautiful being, a spiritual being full of energy, but you have to learn how to liberate it. Your fears, your beliefs, your past experiences might have blocked it, lock it up from who you are. Your fears are your worst enemies. They block your chakras and they don’t allow you to see the world as it really is.
You can have more control in your life. You are what you think.

Step 1: Erase your Fears and Replace it with Love

Who do you want to be? Who are you really?

Do you want to dance, sing, invent stories, speaking with confidence, be amazing all the time?
Replace the fear with something else.

If you are afraid of singing, try to sing as soon as you can. When you get up, in the bathroom, with your children, in the elevator, etc… Replace the feeling of fear with the feelings of joy and love you can have when you are singing. And sing again and again until you get this feeling in your heart and your voice. Liberate you! The fear will be automatically replaced by your love of singing. Express yourself.. Sing again and again.

It’s the same with dancing. Dance as much as you can, all the time. When you walk, you take the metro, at home, in front of people. Let the rhythm be one with you… Replace the fear with your love of dancing. Replace the fear of judgment with the sense of sharing something important with others.

Express yourself in every way possible. Speak, Write, Dance, Sing, Listen, Create… Of course, you have faults… but people don’t care about it! Show that you can overcome your fears by expressing who you are. Dare to tell who you are, you will be born again! And through your bravery, you will inspire other people!

Besides, if you express who you are you will slowly hear your inside voice.

You have to accept to be who you are deep in your heart, without having fear of the future or having too many projects because who you express/are, today will lead you naturally to your destiny. So don’t wear a mask when you are somewhere because you are afraid to show your feelings and your true nature. Live as deeply as you can as if it was your last day! By being true to yourself and by showing it, life will be a pleasure every single day! Don’t overthink what you have to become, be yourself in the present, no matter with who you are and where you are. Life is a gift and you have the duty not to waste it.

If you are feeling something in your heart, immediately express it, don’t be afraid of the repercussions, be true to your heart. The worst thing would be to regret the repression of your heart because when you imprison again and again your true nature, you will erase, piece by piece, who you are and you will become your own ghost.

Meet people, Be alive! Give your opinions on things. You are guided. You need to follow the voice in your heart if you want to realise your destiny, otherwise, you will be a corpse without life, just a puppet for parasites. By listening to the voice of your heart and your body, you will find the light, the love, the kindness towards you and you will accomplish your destiny.

Your inner voice would tell you:

« I am here with you. I was always here with you. Now, I’m glad you can finally hear me. Together we will accomplish great things and have fun because you finally find me in your heart, once ruled by fear. Thank you for letting me out of this prison, I’m now free to guide you and together we will be awesome. You were born to be around people and be heard. Too much time has passed in your silent prison, now you are free to become who you really are. From having, you are! You were defined by your titles, your possessions, your belongings, your work experience, by all you have gained in the past. The most important point is who you really are, without the prison of fear. Fear is not part of you. For many years, it was a lie. You were not the fear of speaking, dancing, singing, express yourself… Fear is not part of you.Fear is a negative feeling, separated from you. And if you recognise it like separated from who you are, you will be free. Free to light up, to shine in the firmament and to finally be who you are.Be grateful for all the help you have received. »

And you would answer:

« I am grateful for all the support I have received. Thank you so much for being the match, for igniting my own light. I’m so grateful, thank you, thank you so much… I’m feeling love in my heart and it is because of « you ». You have heard me and have shown me the light.

I will now pay attention to the sign you will put on my way, from an owl hooting in the middle of the day to the words on a poster when I will start wondering. I will become aware of my surroundings and what I will feel. It’s just the beginning and I will shine ever more brightly, because of your love. »

When the night brings you calm, when the day finishes late, appreciate this moment of peacefulness when the city calms down and you can open your window and bond with the serenity of the night. It allows you to connect with yourself and your inner voice. Be grateful to the night to allow you to think about your day and all the teachings, love, kindness you have received.

Kindle my heart

Step 2: Know yourself, Learn your Light

Before becoming sensitive, you have to turn your light on and feel it in your heart. Then later, you will be able to feel other energies, around you. Objects, people, places, because you will not feel it with your eyes but with the light of your heart. You will stop overthinking by welcoming your light. Because it’s only when you will raise your inner light that you will know it perfectly and then, you will recognise the other lights, good and bad. First, « know thyself » and then you will learn the truth and be grateful for these teachings.

Your exercise is to learn more about your light, after removing all the fears and bad programmes in your body. Take special moments to discover yourself. Raise your light, as large and pure as possible. Only then you will be able to see the true nature of everything.

Be the light. But don’t seek the light for its powers and what it can bring you because the quest for power will attract bad energies around you and you might be controlled by one of these. Love your light, cherish it for the peace it can bring you, to express who you really are.

Your journey begins to discover who or what you are.

We are like a flame. We need to be nurtured at the base of our being (by the Earth). We need to be anchored to the ground and be firmly connected. The candle is our base, then we turn on the light (life) and we need to feed the flame.

We are a big flame, bright like the sun, strong if we can bring it what it needs, very long and in the end, invisible.

In the face of obstacles, the light could turn off. You must continuously feed your flame from the inside.

Inside you, you will find all the resources that you need, and through the revelation of what you are, you will attract what you need. But if you are under an illusion, you will attract illusion.

If you find out the truth about what you are, your light will become stronger and stronger, stable and firmly attached to its base and you will reach more and more the sky, seeing the higher energies in the universe. Throughout the day, feed your being with strong feelings, love, compassion, happiness, security, gratefulness, trust, willingness, and with the night, be grateful and find inside you, in the silence, your true nature. A spiritual being, more powerful than you think…

What you have to learn is already within you…


Turn The Light On


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