Name: Amethyst
Family: quartz
Crystal system: rhombohedral
Chemical composition: silicon dioxide, with white strockes and vitreous lustre / SiO2
Hardness: 7

Physical effects:
– Helps against headaches (put the stone on your 3rd Chakra and/or 7th Chakra) and hypertension/hypotension
– Helps to strengthen and stimulate the immune system
– Helps to reduce the stomach pain
– Improves the liver function and relieve burns (put the stone on the Solar Plexus Chakra
– Good for the intestines, harmonise the intestinal flora, heal the diseases related to the alimentary tract
– Removes the wastes from the blood
– Helps with blood problem (anaemia and other blood diseases)
– Heals colour blindness
– Heals alcoholism
– Relaxes muscles especially around the neck and the shoulders
– Fights against gastric acid (to eliminate different harmful elements such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, toxins)
– Promotes healing
– Reduces bruises, sores and swelling
– Reduces the fever (put the stone on your Root Chakra)
– Heals the lung and respiratory diseases
– Promotes the re-absorption of the water
– Reduces the gout flares by acting on the uric acid level (place the stone on the Root Chakra)

Psychological effects:
– Reduces anxiety and emotional stress (great for hyperactive people), natural tranquilizer
– Dissolves the tension or psychic attacks by transforming the energy in love
– Stabilises the mental illnesses (but don’t use it in case of paranoia or schizophrenia
– Helps to reduce griefs and rages
– Helps to sleep well (reduce insomnia if the Amethyst is under the pillow or you can put a geode close to your bed)
– Develops the will and the motivation

Benefits for your Home:
– Amethyst protects the place of living (habitat, commerce, company…)
It neutralises the negative vibes including blocking the geopathic stress (disharmony of the environmental energies, discordance of the electromagnetic fields). It raises the energy vibration of the place where it is. This crystal creates a strong energetic field and purifies the atmosphere.
– It provides peace and relaxation and it is even more efficient than the rock crystal

Benefits for Spirituality:
– The action of the Amethyst is mostly on the 6th chakra (Third Eye Chakra) and the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra)
– Promotes spiritual elevation, concentration, intuition, creativity and visualisation
– Helps your meditation (Help in each hand an amethyst during the meditation. It is excellent for the meditation because it helps to improve the precision of visions)
– Helps to detach from the futility of our worldly life
– Protects against the negative environment
– Helps to increase the spiritual consciousness
– In the form of geode, it has an amplifying action of the energy transmitted (including the hand which heals)
– Develops the psychic abilities
– Causes intuitive dreams
– Helps for the extra-corporeal journey
– Helps to balance the chakras

– Put the stone in salt water, in the dark, rinsed and wiped with a clean cloth.

– Put it on an amount of quartz, a druse to the lunar light (ideally, to moonlight).
– Avoid to recharge your Amethyst to the light of the sun, which could eventually change its colour.

It purifies, cleans and recharges all the minerals.


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